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Venus Flytrap For Sale: Venus Flytrap Seeds, Kits and Plants

Picture of Venus Fly Trap by Tristan Gillingwater under CC License

If you are looking to buy a Venus flytrap plant, or want to grow one yourself from scratch, you will find a large selection of Venus flytrap for sale online, as well as kits and seeds. Not only are these carnivorous plants a real conversation piece, they are also a fascinating living organism that will awe kids of all age. So what are you waiting for?




Facts About Venus Flytrap

Before you look at our selection of Venus Flytrap for sale, you might wanna learn a bit more about them

  • The Venus flytrap is an insectivorous plant of the sundew family. Spreading from its base are leaves three to six inches long, each of which broadens into a pair of kidney-shaped lobes that normally lie like a partially open book.
  • These lobes act like a steel trap when the prey, walking across the leaf, touches the base of the trigger hairs, causing the two lobes to snap shut. This is the most dramatic of all carnivorous plants.
  • In contrast to the sundew, whose tentacles are tipped with a sticky exudation on which flying insects alight, Venus flytrap spreads out a rose-tinted, smooth carpet for crawling insects.
  • Secretions inside the margin of the leaf act as a lure. The leaf has six slender hairs, spaced so as to form a triangle on each lobe. When a crawler touches two of these hairs (or one hair twice, since a double stimulus is necessary), the trap springs shut.
  • Venus flytrap screens its prey by not immediately pressing too tightly. Tiny insects can escape through the spaces between the long, stiff bristles at the outer margins of the lobes. These bristles, which fold over loosely like the interlaced fingers of two hands.
  • Digestion is usually completed in 5 to 10 days, whereupon the leaf opens wide again, ready for the next victim. Although this plant enjoys worldwide fame for its behavior, it is native only to one small area, a strip of predominantly swampy ground covering North Carolina and South Carolina.
  • Venus flytrap bears white flowers in clusters on a stalk up to 12 inches long.


Maybe You Should Watch This Video....

Before you look at those Venus Flytrap for sale, make sure you watch this! This is going to be what you'll be getting. A strange yet fascinating plant. kids especially are fond of Venus flytrap, they love to care for them and feed them.

This video shot is from the BBC, with close ups and commentary. It's a bit more dramatic then reality (but just fascinating. I dare you not to watch it till the end). The second video is home made and is a more realistic version of what you may expect. And no your Venus Flytrap won't bite you!


Buy Live Venus Flytraps from Amazon seller JoelsCarnivorousPlants style=:

 Each of these come with a care sheet and loose moss. This seller has good ratings too on Amazon:


Seeds For Sale

Patience is the key

Growing a Venus Flytrap from scratch takes time. Up to 2 or 3 years to get a nice sized plant. But you should see sprouts in a few weeks.

Growing a live Venus Flytrap from scratch is an interesting challenge for kids. Make sure you buy a live one along with the seeds so they get to know how to care for them. You don't need any fancy terrarium or domes by the way.

A Few Tips About Venus Flytrap

  • Your plant should always be moist
  • Do not use tap water if possible: only rain water or distilled water
  • It needs plenty of sun
  • Do not overfeed! Once every two week is enough. And only one insect for the plant, not in each lobes
  • Cut the brown lobes, they're dead
  • Don't feed too big insects, it should fit in the trap
  • If possible, feed live insects. Otherwise freshly killed preys or small dried crickets from the pet shop can do


How I killed My Venus Flytrap

Once upon a time my daddy offered me a Venus flytrap and I killed it. I feed it raw ground meat. Never do that. No raw meat for your deadly plant!

Buying A Venus Flytrap For A Kid? Here's a great book:


The book "Venus Flytraps", in the Early Bird Nature Books series, covers many wild species of carnivorous plants. There is also a section of interest regarding the care and feeding habits of the Venus Flytrap.


Would You Like Your Own Carnivorous Plant?


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