Friday, November 6, 2015

Amazing Octopus Videos

Amazing Octopus Videos and Fascinating Octopus Facts 

Watch fascinating octopus videos showcasing abilities, intelligence and learning capabilities of the octopus. As you will see in these octopus videos, they are much more than slimy brainless creatures. Octopus can learn, use tools and extraordinary defense mechanism. you will be blown away by these unique octopus videos.

Octopus, Escape Artist Extraordinaire: a Videos Tribute

If every prisoner in the world suddenly turned into an octopus, then we would be in serious trouble. These underwater creatures are master escape artists - perhaps the best in all of the animal kingdom. If every prisoner in the world suddenly turned into an octopus, then there wouldn't be a single occupied jail cell anywhere! Though this isn't likely to happen soon, it doesn't make the escape abilities of an octopus any less amazing.

Octopus Videos: Watch Octopus Squeezes Through the Tiniest of Openings 

An octopus can flatten its body down and squeeze through the tiniest of openings. An opening the size of an apple is large enough for an octopus that weighs over one hundred pounds and measures over ten feet in length to squeeze through. They can do this so easily because they are invertebrates, or animals without backbones. In fact, an octopus doesn't have a single bone in its body! Other than its hard bird-like beak, its body is entirely soft. Octopus

Watch A 600 Pounds Octopus Squeezing through a Quarter Size Passageway 

It takes more than just a desirable body to be a master of escape though. Luckily, octopuses are also extremely intelligent animals. An octopus can open latches and screw lids off jars. A few have even figured out how to open empty pill bottles that have child safety lids. Some of the scientists studying them have a hard time doing this!

Videos: Octopus Intelligence in Action - Watch an Octopus Solving Problems. MUST SEE

The Octopus and the Coconut Video

The Octopus has an Amazing Memory

 Once you escape, you need to know the quickest way to safety. At the slightest hint of danger an octopus can immediately swim straight home, even if it had been wandering aimlessly for hours. They can do this because they have amazing short-term and long-term memories, and can recall environmental landmarks with ease.

Master of Camouflage: Octopus Videos

It's always smart to have a few tricks up your sleeve if you often find yourself in dangerous situations. Even though an octopus doesn't wear sleeves, it has the tricks covered! An octopus is a master of camouflage. At a moment's notice it can change its color and texture to match its surroundings. Some species can even change their appearance to look like the predator of the animal that was about to eat them.

 If you're ever swimming and see a moving rock, you better check to make sure it's not actually an octopus! A common camouflage trick that octopuses use to move through dangerous water is to mimic the color, texture, and shape of a rock, while slowly walking across the ocean floor.

It is well-known that an octopus can eject a blackish ink when in danger. The ink clouds the water and makes it easier for the octopus to quickly escape. Along with making it harder to see, the ink cloud also reduces the predator's ability to smell. Sometimes the predator is so confused that it even thinks the ink cloud is the octopus and attacks that.

Smart Octopus

For some strange reason, this octopus video is my all time favorite and I just can't stop laughing 

Mimic octopus pretending to be a flatfish 

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